sniper bot


Trade, snipe, analyze, mix, earn on crypto tokens

A complete and intuitive tool
for navigating the DEFI ecosystem

    Your assistant in token trading

    The AI Web3 App

    Our goal is to create an intelligent assistant for token treading. A complete multi-chain tool with which you can interact via a telegram conversation or a web application. A bot that provides an advantage through anonymization, speed and automation.


    More than a sniper bot

    AI backed trading

    Decentralized exchange for everyone

    "Buy shiba token and sell at x5". - Bot chat module which, makes trading even faster and easier. Machine learning models that analyze the token's source code detecting bugs and vulnerabilities.



    Ultrafast and safe sniping new launches. Multiwallet: 5 wallets in the basic version and 10 in the premium version.

    More than a trading tool

    Community owned exchange

    Limit & automated orders and derivatives. Make long and short positions from the Telegram level. Make money on dips and rises.


    Beyond crypto

    The wallet you trade from will never be traced. Transfer of funds to and from multiwallet anonymously.